Easter Sunday

Chick sitting on top of colored eggs

I’m Confused.

Is Easter Sunday considered a holiday, a holy day or a celebration? Is it a national holiday or a religious holiday? Maybe it’s an “observance”. Is it just an “observance” or is it a “Catholic observance”? No, that can’t be right. What about the Greek Orthodox? They’re observing this Sunday too. Or maybe they’re celebrating instead.

Truth be told I think it’s the Catholics’ fault that their Easter Sunday falls on the same date as the Greek Orthodox Easter observance this year because everyone knows that Continue reading

Put Up or Shut Up?

Put Up or Shut Up

How willing are we to voice our own opinion when it differs from that of others?

Let’s say, for example, you’re lunching with your friends, classmates or work colleagues and a question comes up about a popular topic. You listen while collecting your own thoughts on the matter. It has become clear that your viewpoint is distinctly different from those that have contributed to the conversation so far. Do you Continue reading

A Quote For Friday – Book Peeps


A great book never ends on the last page but plants its underlying message deep within the reader’s thoughts, heart and soul.  ~ BookPeeps©

What books have stirred or changed you and why?  If you reread that same book again years later, does it still resonate? Maybe you got something different but equally valuable out of it the second time around.  Could be that while it’s not currently relevant, that Continue reading